What Cat Owners Say

“When searching for an approach to having our new cat’s claws removed, we began looking at comments on the internet where we found information about Aesculight. Our evaluation criteria for selecting a vet and process (we are relatively new arrivals in Tucson from overseas) was (a) responsiveness and professionalism of vendors to the vet, (b) professionalism of the animal hospital’s doctors and staff, and (c) proximity of the clinic to our home. I contacted a number of sources found on the internet including your organization. The most comprehensive response was from Aesculight! We contacted various clinics using the information you supplied to ascertain their experience and pricing for laser surgery. Based on this contact, we selected Miller Animal Hospital as the clinic we would use. Our selection was based on criteria of Miller’s experience with the LightScalpel, the way our call was handled by the clinic, and location relative to our home. On the day of the surgery, we left our cat, Leroy at the clinic. We were called early afternoon to come for Leroy’s return home. There were no scars or bandages on Leroy’s paws and he was able to walk with no apparent discomfort. Furthermore, Leroy immediately wanted to play with our other two cats. The next day he was running and jumping as though nothing had happened. Our other two cats had been declawed using conventional surgery. Neither cat had the same immediate recovery as Leroy. We were very pleased with the way the laser did not leave wounds or result in a couple of weeks recovery period like conventional surgery. We were also extremely pleased with Dr. Miller and have selected him as the permanent vet for our three cats. Thank you for your help to locate Dr. Miller and for producing a superior product!”

Hugh from Tucson, AZ

“I took my cat to Savannah Animal Hospital to have her front paws declawed by a laser veterinarian. While it was difficult for my cat, the recovery time was shorter. I would recommend laser surgery to other pet owners because anything that can reduce pain and recovery time for a pet is worth it!”

Cheryl from Milton, DE

“I would never have had this surgery performed on my cat unless it was done with this laser.  The veterinarians who invested their time and money to bring this type of surgery to their practice understand that people love their pets and want them to have the best care and least pain possible.  I traveled out of town to have my cat declawed and the vets I found made sure I knew each step of what was being done.  They made sure my cat was comfortable and even called several times to check on his recovery process.  It took about two weeks for his sore paws to heal.  I do not recommend declawing in general unless there is a great need for it.  However, if it must be done, I highly recommended this type of  laser surgery!”

Laura from Lake Charles, LA

“We took our cat Aja to Rocky Mountain Small Animal Hospital in Highlands Ranch, CO.  They did an excellent job with no complications! She had the laser declaw procedure on the front paws only.  Everything went fine and she is doing very well. She has slowed down quite a bit and is no longer a threat to my 55″ HDTV that she would jump on top of and come down the screen feet and claws first, and the whole TV would wobble and shake. She was quite a jumper and that has been pretty well curtailed, about which I am very happy. I would absolutely recommend laser surgery to other pet owners!”

Lorry from Cetennial CO

“We went to Dr. Duclos in Lynnwood, WA and were very pleased with his professionalism, caring, communication before and after  and his skill.  It was an hour away, the trip was in the rain, there were two accidents that snarled the traffic, making the trip home 2.5 hours  but it was worth every second! If the medical situation allows for it, laser surgery seems less invasive and easier to recover from.  In my pet Bonny’s case, he (Dr. Duclos) succeeded where our previous vet failed.”

Marguerite from Tacoma, WA

“I was very pleased with the choice to have laser surgery vs traditional surgery.  Dr. Hollifield took the time to explain the procedure and the benefits of laser surgery.  My cat’s recovery time was much faster and he did not appear to be in pain when I picked him up. I would recommend laser surgery for declawing.  Having cats for many years and having them declawed the traditional way I can see the difference with laser surgery.  His paws healed quickly with no bandages.  Also, the paws are not deformed and the “toes” remain intact which was extremely important and the deciding factor in choosing a method.”

Maria from Gaithersburg, MD

“My kitten, who will forever be an inside cat, was about two months old and had boundless energy after the surgery. It was as if nothing had happened!  I strongly recommend this for the young kittens so it won’t be traumatic.  One time I accidentally shut him in a closet and as soon as I heard him I walked to the closet to get him out. By then he had used his paws to try and pull the door towards him to get out and there was minor bleeding.  Other than that, it was a non-issue. Laser surgery is much better than the other methods and I would absolutely recommend it to other cat owners as the healing is much quicker!”

Diane from Keller, TX

“We were able to locate a laser veterinarian and the surgery went well. Both cats are doing great! I would absolutely recommend laser surgery to other pet owners.  It’s much better than traditional scalpel surgery and the healing time is much faster!”

Shaunna from Lawrenceville, GA.

“With the help of Aesculight, I was able to find a veterinarian to perform laser surgery on my kitten.

My kitten had little to no pain after the laser surgery and compared to the traditional declawing method, the pain was virtually nonexistent! The surgery only cost me $75 more than the other method and my kitten is definitely worth that. Would I recommend laser surgery to other pet owners? Yes, Yes, Yes!!”

Anonymous  from Marlton, NJ

“I took my cat Lucky to Azalea Lakes Veterinary Clinic for his laser surgery. He had a few complications after the surgery because he wouldn’t stay still. His feet were a little swollen and he was in pain because he was up right after the surgery but the vet was amazing and took wonderful care of him afterwards. They were absolutely wonderful and helped Lucky to feel better. I would recommend this vet and the laser surgery to anyone. My cat’s feet look amazing and other than the swelling from not resting, he had no additional problems after his surgery. He is a wonderful, full of energy kitty and we’ve had no problems with any side effects from the declawing at all.”

Nicole From Gonzales, LA

“I had a five month old male kitten neutered with laser surgery, and a five month old female kitten spayed using laparoscopic surgery.  I highly recommend laser surgery.  It was minimally invasive with no stitches for the male. It was a very quick recovery and once we got him home, and he didn’t even need the pain meds we had purchased.  He was fine and playing the next day even though he was supposed to rest. Laser surgery is less invasive and caused less trauma to my pet’s tissue”

Anonymous From Elk River, MN

“My cat had laser surgery and she is a very happy kitty!

The surgeon and facility were excellent!  My pet did great and had absolutely no down time after surgery nor was she irritated by the paper kitty litter. I would definitely recommend laser surgery to other pet owners and in fact, I have recommended my friends to the clinic that performed my cat’s surgery. It was well worth the cost and in Cleveland where I live, it was actually lower cost than the conventional method!

Anonymous from Cleveland, OH

“I was able to find a laser surgeon who was located very close to me and I was extremely satisfied


Anonymous from Candia, NH

“Hi There! My cat had her procedure done at sixteen weeks of age and I utilized the services of Dr. Borash in Peabody, MA.    She recovered quickly, and I am happy to say she has adapted well.  Dr. Borash took the time to review the procedure and answered all of my questions.  The wound site did not bleed and did not require additional care apart from a  special cat litter which the doctor provided.  I would recommend this procedure to others considering a humane way of declawing their cat.”

MM from Reading, MA

“I am very happy with the results of my pet’s laser surgery! My eight year old cat’s recovery time was minimal (5-7 days) and he did not appear to have much discomfort at all. Laser surgery was actually less expensive and less painful than other alternatives. I would recommend it to other pet owners!

Steve from Rochester Hills, MI

“I had my kitty declawed. He recovered quickly and didn’t seem too bothered by it. He didn’t like the cone, but other than that, he was fine. I would recommend laser surgery to other pet owners!”

Anonymous from Scottsdale, AZ

Yogi & Boo Boo tuckered out after playing with wrapping paper

Yogi & Boo Boo tuckered out after playing with wrapping paper

“We have two kittens named Yogi and Boo Boo that we wished to have declawed. I found Cats Exclusive Veterinary in Ridgefield, NJ and they connected with our vet in Madison, NJ. There was a great relationship between these two vets. They exchanged blood tests back and forth to prepare for the procedure and due to the fact we were traveling an hour to get to Cats Exclusive, they provided us with the first appointment of the day. Dr. Jose Pla reviewed the kitten’s blood tests and performed a CBC on one of them due to suspected anemia from the earlier test.

The other kitten had a quick blood test and all was well, so they performed the laser surgery. The last surgery ended at 3:30 PM, we picked the kittens up at 5:30 PM and we were home by 6:30 PM. They were up and walking around looking for food by 6:31 PM. The vet had suggested we place the kittens in a small room so they could recover in a quiet location but the kittens were fine and up and down on the couch with no problems. They even slept well! We gave them small antibiotic pills for three days and they took them easily. We used Purina’s Yesterday’s News for litter which they tried to eat at first. No injections were needed at home because long-acting pain relief was handled by the vet. They were cuddly and happy from the minute they arrived at home. The staff called several times ahead of the surgery, the day and night of the surgery and checked in several times before the follow up visit. Dr. Pla and his staff couldn’t have been more caring and professional.

I would absolutely recommend laser surgery. The alternative sounded so harsh and included lengthy recovery time. Seventeen years ago, we had two other cats declawed the old way and their recovery time was long. They cried when they landed on their paws but there was no crying at all with these two kittens due to the use of the veterinary laser. Our kittens were up and running as soon as they got home and there weren’t even any stitches to remove! They were only five months, four weeks old at surgery time and Dr. Pla also gave them their second series of rabies shots while they were there. I could not have been more pleased with the staff, Dr. and supportive atmosphere at Cats Exclusive. The hospital was very clean and everyone was so friendly!

Thank you to Aesculight for providing leads and the encouraging information about laser surgery. I cannot believe all vets have not yet converted to lasers! The cost was not prohibitive, in fact, it was about the same as the old style surgery with a one to two night stay and so much easier on the


Kathy from Morristown, NJ


“…Gizzy weighs nearly 20 lbs and I was unprepared to risk her life through general anesthesia. …Dr. Rhett used a LOCAL anesthetic to remove the lump, and then with the LASER he sealed underneath the wound and sutured it. In my mind, Dr. Rhett saved Gizzy’s life with local instead of general anesthesia. Hopefully, she will live to be an even older kitty cat. I will always be grateful to you for finding and locating Dr. Rhett. I thank you very much; you will forever be our lucky star over the NET.”

Suzanne from Ucluelet, British Columbia, Canada

“Our experience was good. Our kitten did very well and was back to normal within a day or two following the declawing…..we owe it to our pets to have surgeries in the most humane way possible.”

Jack from Valrico, FL

“Everything went very well. Dr. Jack Zeh in New York declawed our 11 year old cat. The cat seemed to be in very little pain and is quickly getting back to his old self. Most definitely recommend laser surgery to other pet owners.”

Bill from Morristown, NY

“We took our kittens to Bell Ridge. They both had the laser declaw procedure performed. It seemed to be a very quick recovery. They were batting around toys and playing with one another the next day.”

Samantha from Phoenix, AZ

“We had two kittens declawed and I would say that it was the best recovery time I have ever seen. I would recommend laser surgery and I would say they healed faster with less pain.”

Lorrie from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

“I am very pleased with my experience… with no tape or bandages…our cat did all his normal activities within the first couple of days. Seemed to be less painful and a shorter recovery time for our cat. There were no complications….and I am much happier that he is not scratching the furniture.”

Roxanne from Auburn, Washington


“I would recommend laser surgery to other pet owner’s with young kittens…..my kitten was declawed the same day she was spayed and needed no additional recovery time. I don’t think she ever knew she had claws….the laser surgery is the only way to go! I don’t even want to think about how it might have been (having the procedure) the old-fashioned way.”

Donna from Kennesaw, Georgia


“We used the surgeon referred to us located in Wesley Chapel, Florida. We weren’t sure what to expect, but our cats were destroying our furniture. We tried every other means of trying to correct the problem. We decided to have our two cats declawed. Front claws only. The surgery went fantastic! Our cats didn’t skip a beat… they were back to being themselves within a day. There were no ill effects on the cats whatsoever. The declawing worked. The cats were back to normal almost immediately and they have been wonderful ever since. Absolutely a positive experience! We would absolutely recommend the procedure to other pet owners. The recovery time is incredibly fast. The stress on the animal is significantly reduced and when you love your pet, this is extremely important.”

Joanne from Lutz, Florida


“My cat went home 7 hours after her laser spay surgery. She was alert, ate and very active. Even jumping the same night – I was amazed and totally recommend laser surgery to other pet owners.”

Patty from Pewaukee, Wisconsin


“Dr. Kinard in Murfreesboro performed laser declaw procedure on my kitty’s front paws. There was no blood and her soreness level was minimal. I would absolutely recommend laser surgery.”

Karen from Murfreesboro, Tennessee


“I went to Rachel Jones, Veterinarian in Westchester. My cat Marly had the laser procedure and everything went well… if I had known how quickly the healing process was with the laser I would of gone that direction for my other cat CoCo. I definitely would recommend the laser, minimal downtime, no post medications and the cost was less than the cutting procedure.”

Liz C. from Venice, California


“You provided the names of several veterinarians in my area. I picked one near where I live. My cat had laser claw removal on June 24, 2009. I am very pleased with the results. My cat recovered rapidly with no complications. I had another cat (in Nashville, Tennessee) that also had laser surgery. For feline claw removal, I would strongly recommend laser surgery to other cat owners. Feel free to quote me.”

Steven from Annandale, Virginia


“We had two kittens declawed using the Aesculight laser and could not even tell they had it done. Both cats came home after a short stay at the doctor’s office with zero bleeding and no obvious pain. They were jumping, playing and climbing as if they never had it done. I would only have it done by laser.”

Don from Dover, Florida


“It was timely, convenient, and although I wasn’t guilt free, I didn’t feel selfish about getting the laser surgery for Binx (my cat) because recovery was very quick and suffered no side effects. He kept his balance, suffered little to no pain, and was playing 1 day after I picked him up from the vet. He is an inside cat, and will always be an inside cat, so I have no regrets about this surgery and would recommend it over regular surgery.”

Courtney from Decatur, Illinois


“It was better than the traditional method where healing was concerned (quicker, less pain), especially for my 9-year-old cat. After the first day back home, she was getting back to typical activities and a week later she was back to jumping down off the couch without pain.”

Jennifer from Seattle, Washington


“Frontal declawing – wonderful…our kitten was as active within a day or two as she had been before the surgery.”

Gerhard from Greenville, South Carolina


“I am very happy that I elected to have the laser surgery performed on my 17 year old cat who suffers from chronic renal failure. The type of surgery he needed did not lend itself to conventional surgical methods. The choice was really one of euthanasia or laser surgery. The DVM who performed the surgery did an excellent job in preparing my old guy for the anesthesia, taking care to perform preliminary testing and supporting him throughout the surgery and recovery on IV fluids. Jim Sox is so much happier and healthier now. I feel as though I have given him several months, maybe a year or two, of quality life that he wouldn’t have had otherwise. He’s my little buddy!!!”

Becky from Mansfield, Texas


“Declaw front paws. I think it is wonderful! Faster recovery and they didn’t even seem to be bothered with any pain…. I don’t think its inhumane, I would rather see cats get declawed and have a happy home, than seeing so many in shelters because people don’t want to declaw.”

Liz from Glen Ellyn, Illinois


“The recovery period for laser surgery for declawing seemed like much less time than the regular surgery. One of his paws still seemed a little sensitive but other than that, he seemed to not experience any pain and he resumed all his regular activities right away. I was very pleased.”

Nancy from Altamonte Springs, Florida


“When we picked up our kittens (6-months-old at time of procedure), both of them were in good health and active and we noticed no change in either demeanor or temperament; they were both still very playful and loving.”

James from McHenry, Illinois


“Everything went very well and I felt better about the laser declaw procedure than the alternative method.”

Deborah from Florence, Alabama


“My cat was neutered and declawed. He was up and acting almost normal later that day and a couple of days later was acting very normal, tearing around the house like nothing had happened.”

Sharon from Lima, Ohio


“I have adopted 3 kittens this year. I did not take my kittens to my regular Vet because he does not offer laser surgery. My oldest kitten… was spayed and de-clawed… her recovery time was short and I could tell she had no real pain.”

Sarah from Hicksville, New York


“My cat, Ziggy, was neutered and declawed on the same day and when I came to pick him up he was happy and calm and purring. He had no swelling and no stitches, which made it easier for me. I think the laser surgery was less invasive and caused much less discomfort. Actually, I didn’t notice any discomfort from him at all.”

Susan from Brandon, Florida


“I had two kitties declawed, did not want to do this, however the extra cost was worth it. I feel the laser procedure is more humane.”

Julie from Germantown, Tennessee


“My kitten, Ben, had a very good experience with his laser de-claw. Ben stayed at the veterinarian’s for 48 hours after his surgery and when I picked him up, he had little to no swelling, was playful and had an excellent appetite. I think he played a little too much when we arrived home, because he spent the next few days resting. Within five days, he was 100% back to normal and does not favor his front paws at all.”

Niki from Atlanta, Georgia


“We have had two cats declawed with laser surgery. It was so easy and quick, both cats seemed to have very little pain. We have an older cat that we never declawed because of how traumatic it seemed. If laser surgery were available sixteen years ago, we would have done it. Our other two cats healed so quickly, they barely seemed to notice.”

Jamaela from Valrico, Florida


“It was timely, convenient, and although I wasn’t guilt free, I didn’t feel selfish about getting the surgery for Binx (my cat) because recovery was very quick and he suffered no side effects. He kept his balance, suffered little to no pain, and was playing 1 day after I picked him up from the vet. He is an inside cat, and will always be an inside cat, so I have no regrets about this surgery and would recommend it over regular surgery.”

Courtney from Decatur, Illinois


“I found Dr. Johnson at the Eastside Animal Clinic in Naples, Florida. I had two Siamese cats declawed with laser surgery. Having it done conventionally twenty years ago, this was absolutely painless for both me and my cats. I had been asked by the breeder to sign a statement which stated that if I declawed the kittens, it would be done by laser. Dr. Johnson is now our permanent veterinarian. I highly recommend him to anyone in the area.”

Patricia from Naples, Florida


“My cat had his front paws declawed; much faster recovery than traditional method. Highly recommend this procedure.”

Jan from Columbus, Mississippi


“My cat had laser surgery and it was great. He walked right away and never had any pain.”

Gail from Berthoud, Colorado


“I was very happy with the laser declaw procedure. My cat is 10 years-old and 14 pounds, so this was risky as any procedure is, but she did very well; no complications at all.”

Anonymous from Fairport, New York


“I have had another cat declawed surgically previously, and this went much more easily, especially considering both of the cats are pretty old. They were back to their normal routine within a couple of days. I would recommend laser surgery to other pet owners.”

Caroline from Atherton, California


“We took our cat to West Allis Animal Hospital and had him neutered and declawed. We had a wonderful experience! Tanner seemed to have done so well. There were no bloody paws, his discomfort seemed minimal and the recovery time was much shorter than the regular declaw procedure. Very happy we had the procedures done with laser. Well worth the little extra cost. We would definitely recommend laser surgery to other pet owners, without a doubt. We would not have the procedures done any other way.”

Cyndi from Franklin, Wisconsin


“I went to Bayshore Veterinary Clinic and my Little Star had the surgery just two weeks ago. The laser surgeon did an excellent job and by the next morning, my kitten was already playing with her toys. I would recommend the laser surgery.”

Vanessa from Parrish, Florida


“I thought the laser surgery (declaw) experience was absolutely wonderful, both for me and my adopted cat. After I brought my cat home, he literally ran out of his cage like he had nothing done. Only a little bleeding occurred on one claw, however, healed very fast. I would absolutely recommend laser surgery to other pet owners.”

Judith from Apple Valley, Minnesota


“My cat had the laser declaw surgery and will be spayed using the laser as well. I am very pleased to know that she had less pain and chance of infection. I would recommend the procedure to other pet owners.”

Laura from Ottawa, Illinois


“It is such an improvement with the recovery time and apparent pain than from the traditional surgery–I had my kitten declawed, and while she did appear to have some pain from the procedure, there is NO COMPARISON to what my previous kittens went through as to the pain, drainage, and recovery time. My kitten has no stitches, no drainage, minimal swelling, and walked normally from the moment I brought her home. I would highly recommend the laser surgery.”

Rosemarie from Albuquerque, New Mexico


“The laser surgical procedure was very nice, and as noticed, didn’t cause any problems to my cat and was almost painless. Second day, my cat behaved like nothing ever really happened.”

Sebastian from Rutland, Massachusetts


“I took my cat to Raintree Veterinary Association in Freehold, New Jersey. They were very nice and reasonably priced. The surgery was successful and the recovery is going nicely. I was determined to have the laser declaw procedure as soon as I found out it was available, thank you for your help.”

Debbie from Whiting, New Jersey


“I was concerned about having the surgery on our older cat; however, he seems to have come through without any problems. Within a few days, he seemed fine.”

Dick from Aurora, Illinois


“My cat recovered faster than expected….”

Linda from Frederick, Maryland


“I was concerned about having the surgery on our older cat; however, he seems to have come through without any problems. Within a few days, he seemed fine.”

Dick from Aurora, Illinois


“We found a laser surgeon for our large male cat who would perform declaw. After the procedure, our cat plays and is not affected by the surgery. We would recommend laser surgery to other pet owners.”

Dawn from Loganville, Georgia


“My cat had both laser spay and front laser declaw at Baldwin Animal Hospital, Long Island New York. My cat seemed to be walking fine the next day and did not have any paw bandages. I would definitely recommend laser surgery… less painful for your beloved companion.”

Jessica from Levittown, New York


“I was very impressed! My kitten came home and you could hardly tell he had laser surgery. I have already recommended laser surgery to other pet owners.”

K Nelson from Tucson, Arizona


“We took our two kittens to ExtraCare Animal Hospital in Davie, Florida. Both kittens had front claws removed. It had been a long time since we had been through this with an animal. I know that our veterinarian had done a tremendous job to make sure we understood the procedure and that our babies were not in pain.”

Betty Schultze from Cooper City, Florida


“Our cat’s declaw went well. He is recovering nicely. I would definitely recommend to other pet owners.”

Walter from Kent, Washington


“Great results, wonderful procedure with little residual issues for our cat.”

Margaret from Kingston, New York


“I found a veterinary laser surgeon in Boca Raton Florida. I had my cat declawed via laser. I was very pleased with the results. My cat came home… with no bandages, no blood and no pain pills. It was as if she had no surgery at all… It was well worth the money and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is contemplating declawing their cat.”

Denise from Miami, Florida


“I found a veterinary laser surgeon, thanks to your website. I was pleasantly happy with the turnaround time for my kittens after their surgery. I recommended laser surgery to another pet owner and she went to the same place I did before I even scheduled my pet’s appointment.”

Debbie from Strongsville, Ohio


“I took my cat for her declaw surgery. She came out with flying colors. I highly recommend this procedure for cat owners who keep their pets inside at all times.”

Anonymous from New Hampshire


“I took my cat to Arbor Hills Pet Care Center in Plano, Texas. It was a very good experience. From what I read online, I was very paranoid about getting my cat declawed with laser surgery. I wanted to find someone who was very experienced before proceeding. I would definitely refer other pet owners, as long as they find someone who has experience. My cat healed very quickly and had no pain or bleeding. It was worth the extra money.”

TaLina from Plano, Texas


“Laser surgery was very easy on our cat that we had both spay and declaw procedures done. My mother had her cat declawed also!”

Chris from Owensboro, Kentucky


“We found a veterinary laser surgeon from the list you sent us. Both of our cats had laser surgery to declaw them. We were pleasantly surprised at how fast our cats recovered and though we had pain medication, they rarely seemed to need it. We would definitely recommend laser surgery. If you must have them declawed (they were too destructive), it is the only way to go.”

Pamela from Savannah, Georgia


“Wonderful, my indoor kitten was 16 weeks old at the time of the declaw procedure and we had him neutered at the same time, when I picked him up he was trying to play with me through the cage with his paws and showed no signs at all of any discomfort or tenderness in his front paws. When he got home he was immediately running around the house FULL SPEED! ——– So where do they get this notion that this is a cruel process — they are WRONG!!!!!!!!!”

Anonymous from Danvers, Massachusetts


“Our cat had his front paws declawed at Raintree Veterinary Hospital in Freehold. We picked Oreo up the next day. As soon as he entered the house, he immediately began running around. He never showed any signs of discomfort. If I should ever have to have surgery on a pet in the future, I am most definitely using laser surgery and would highly recommend it to all pet owners.”

Michele from Freehold, New Jersey


“Both of our cats had laser surgery. He was laser neutered and declawed; she was laser spayed and declawed. They both recovered quickly and I was amazed at how their paws looked after the procedure – you couldn’t tell! I agonized over the decision to declaw but several members of our family are diabetic with leg issues, and the kitty scratches were a huge problem.”

Pamela from Levittown, New York